Accepted HellForger staff application


Staff member
IGN: HellForger

Discord Name: Haydthebeast

Age: 14

Timezone: GMT

Position Applying for: Moderator

Do you have the ability to record? yes I use obs

Have you ever been punished/banned on any server? If so, please include the details. I’ve played factions for 3 years and along with that I have indeed been banned usually for exploits but on this side I’ll be able to patch them

Do you have any previous moderation/leadership roles on any other servers? (provide proof if possible) yeah Arkham network moderator

Do you know how to screen-share? Yes, i have anydesk and understand where to look for hackers clients and files on there computer and ik how to find clients easily

Estimate the amount of time per week you would be able to dedicate to the server. maybe 3-4 hours weekday 6-8 weekend

What is your main reason/Why you want to be staff on OriginPvP? What makes you a different applicant and what important qualities do you possess? i have lots of experience with factions and understand the game well I played map 1 of origin so I know the map and know what it’s about and I think I could be a great help to the staff team and will be active

Scenarios (In-depth)

1. Say you are moderating and answering questions by many players. You are getting messaged by three people asking you all different questions, while this is happening you are also being messaged in discord by two people telling you to get a moderator to ban a hacker. What do you do? I’d tell the people in discord to create a ticket and send valid proof and answer the questions in game

2. Say that two factions are fighting in public chat/discord and after repeated warnings and mutes they won’t stop, what would be your next action to resolve this issue? well if the factions are fighting with no words that are explicit as it’s factions they could happily argue if explicit words were used I’d warn at first and then if continued a temp mute would be put in place

Final Remarks

Have you applied for staff before on OriginPvP?
Anything else you would like us to know about you?
i have a twitch channel I’ll probably stream on Pedicalegends I have affiliate on there too


Staff member
Hello HellForger i'm just here Checking your Apply out and it Looks good Do you think you can Add my discord I'm Owner | Coolastking Thanks